All 22 eggs hatched out perfectly! While we had our troubles with an incubator breaking down mid way through the incubation we quickly moved them over to our back-up incubator and luckily everything turn out fine!

We hatched out 5 Butters and 7 Butter stripes from our first pair, Popcorn and Butters! Parents are  Butters het stripe.

Our 2nd pairing gave us a surprise! We bred Butters with Milksnake, our Amel het bloodred ph Anery and proved both parents out to be het anery! We got 6 Amels and 4 snows! All hatchlings are 100% het Caramel, possibly het diffused and stripe. Amels are also possibly het Anery!
8/15/2012 04:24:35 pm

Your blog looked so simple to design that I decided to create one, thanks!

10/24/2023 01:54:31 am

Nice bblog


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