All the corns have laid their eggs and we are already excited to see hatchlings!
We're expecting Butters, butter Stripes, Normals, Amels, Amel motley, Anery, Snows, Snow motleys and maybe a few surprises!

The ball pythons have been breeding since October and our first girl, Big Momma, is entering her pre-lay shed now! We're expecting Pastels, Spiders and Normals. We also just purchased a beautiful normal possible het pied female who has been bred to a yellow-belly and a Mojave. I'm very excited to see if she lays this year!

Just dropped by to say hello, so, hello mate!

10/5/2013 08:36:00 am

Was just taking a break and wanted to post here


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3/22/2021 02:53:59 pm

Godd bless

9/7/2022 03:25:01 am

Appreciiate you blogging this


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