I recently added the Rodents! tab, along with prices for local reptile lovers!

I also added Breeding plans for 2012. This is just an idea of what we plan to breed next year but it's not set in stone.

I'd love feed back on the website if anyone would like to email me and let me know how everything looks. The website is always under construction and feedback is Always helpful!
All 22 eggs hatched out perfectly! While we had our troubles with an incubator breaking down mid way through the incubation we quickly moved them over to our back-up incubator and luckily everything turn out fine!

We hatched out 5 Butters and 7 Butter stripes from our first pair, Popcorn and Butters! Parents are  Butters het stripe.

Our 2nd pairing gave us a surprise! We bred Butters with Milksnake, our Amel het bloodred ph Anery and proved both parents out to be het anery! We got 6 Amels and 4 snows! All hatchlings are 100% het Caramel, possibly het diffused and stripe. Amels are also possibly het Anery!